Tuesday, March 27, 2012

I Need Your Opinion

Bloggiesta is almost here and I’ve started to put together my to-do list, but I need some help from you.

What I plan to do:

- cross-post my reviews to Goodreads
- link my reviews to Goodreads
- update Cat Diary posts with the new button/picture (which I’ve already made)
- try to figure out how to turn off the self-resetting captcha and fix it
- try to figure out how to repair the comment form (because my personal message shows below it, instead above it)
- do some blog hopping and meet new blogging friend and maybe learn some useful things
- maybe schedule some Book Nook posts if I have time

Now, there are some things I am not sure about:

- adding genre tags to my reviews – do you find them helpful?
- since the number of my reviews has got quite large, I thought I might create another page for listing my reviews in order of rating. Do you find it useful? It is something I would like to have when browsing through some blogs – sometimes I just want to see all 5-star rated books and it’s tedious to check the entire list for ratings.
- on related topic: as you might already know, my reviews are listed alphabetically by author. Would you like to have them listed also separately by title?

And if there is anything else you miss or find redundant on my blog, or if you have any suggestions what else I could do to make it better for you, please let me know in the comments.

I apologise for word verification, and I truly appreciate your effort if you decide to comment. I am an anti-captcha advocate myself, so I hate you have to face it on my blog. I tried to fix it as soon as I learned about Blogger resetting it, but it doesn’t want to turn off, there must be a glitch or something. Fixing this is on my to-do list, as you can see.


  1. I think that adding genre tags AND rating tags would be useful for blog posts - that way you wouldn't have to create a whole new page of your reviews per rating, but just go through and add the appropriate rating tag (and genre tag) to each post.

    I've gotten so lazy with Goodreads, I haven't put any of my reviews on there in ages. I do want to put some reviews on Amazon though. Great goals!!!

    1. Thanks for your thoughts, Sarah! I already have rating tags on my reviews (actually, those are the only tags on my reviews) and I WILL definitely add genre tags to my posts.


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