Sunday, April 09, 2017

Less Reviewing, More Reading

What the title says. AKA my new-ish policy.

Because, honestly, does anyone even read my reviews? *shrugs*

And yes, I have said that the purpose of this blog is mostly as my personal notebook, so I don’t forget all about what I read. But in that case I may just as well jot down some notes in a Word doc I keep and keep it to myself.

With Goodreads having improved their features a lot since I started this blog, posting my thoughts there can serve for self-reminding and cataloguing purpose just as well. And takes far less time and effort, since it requires less styling both visually and content-wise. 

In particularly, time is the key word here.

I think reviewing has been one of the reasons for not reading much for the past two years. I have read a lot more this year when I stopped reviewing every single book. But I have come to a stall in the last two weeks again, and today here I am, having finished another book, contemplating how to review it – and the one that came before that… and I feel done.

In the time it takes to craft a review I could be reading (because that is the point, after all) or writing or doing any number of other things. So, that is what I will do from now on.

I don’t intend to abandon this blog, because it is a valuable archive of the past reads and reviews (not all of which are cross-posted elsewhere) and because I am sure there will come occasions when I will feel like writing a long thought-out review. But I will no longer feel guilty about not having reviewed whichever latest read and, therefore, postpone picking up the next one until I do so.

I will simply, rate it and/or put a few thoughts on GR and move on to the next bookish adventure. To many more of which I am looking forward.