Review Policy


At this time, I do not accept books for review, due to time and energy constraints.

That said, I might consider reviewing a book by the authors whose books I have already reviewed, in which case you can email me at beyondstrangenewwords[at]gmail[dot]com.


I only accept a book for review in exchange for an honest review and I am in no way compensated for my reviews.

Under no circumstances can I guarantee a positive review, but I try to find something positive in every book even if I don’t like it. I always try to support my opinion, both positive and negative, with arguments. Nevertheless, I am not a professional and my opinion is my own. Other people may have a different opinion about the books I review. As much as possible I refrain from including spoilers. If I am unable to avoid spoilers, they are clearly indicated.

Unless agreed otherwise, I cannot say how long it will take me to review a book; however, I always try to do my best to meet agreed dates.

My reviews are posted on this blog, on Goodreads, and/or on Booklikes.

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Review Less, Read More

Most of the books I review are my own copies or borrowed from the library or friends.

As of 2017, I might not review every one of those books, because a lot of times writing a review interferes with my reading and I would rather put the time and energy into actually reading than into reviewing.

Hence, some books may only get a few thoughts on Goodreads or not even that.

However, I would feel loath to abandon this blog for all the effort I have put in it and I will still use it for reviewing whenever I feel the need for longer flails and/or rants about books and book-ish things.