Wednesday, July 29, 2020

A Seditious Affair (Society of Gentlemen #2) by K. J. Charles
I have had A Seditious Affair on my to-read list for far too long, because I wasn’t in the mood for the level of angst and the type of characters I expected to encounter in it – and then my expectations turned out to be completely wrong.

Set against the tumultuous end of 1820s London, A Seditious Affair turned out to be an utterly absorbing with just the right pace and the level of suspense that kept me reading and reading, so I could barely put down and finished it in only a couple of days.

The main characters grew on me quickly and I was rooting for them throughout the story as they were such a fascinating pair of contrasts that complement each other. Most importantly, however, they were actually my age (why on Earth I expected them to be much younger, I don’t know, but this age worked extremely well), and I loved that!

On top of everything, the writing was not just good, but beautiful – and I may have to go (re)read some darn romantics now (even though immersing too much the concepts of romanticism are not good for my mental well-being, precisely because I find them so very relatable.)

All in all, A Seditious Affair was a captivating and wonderfully spun story with tangible sentiment and vivid setting that engaged all senses and really brought the time, place, and people to life. It was my first, but not last book by this author. And really, why was I waiting so long? But better late than never.