2018 Reading

I am taking up the challenge up a notch this year to 40 books, which will be adjusted accordingly as the year progresses. This will be the place where I keep the records of my reading together with rereads and things GR challenge doesn't record, like parts of volumes and such, although as learned from the past I read more if I don't worry about reviewing, so most reviews will be posted on GR only and only special or more wordy ones posted on this blog.


Books are listed in order of reading (with the level of strangeness, see my rating system); those reviewed are linked to their reviews and also listed under Book Reviews tab.

Books I Read in 2017
Books I Read in 2016
Books I Read in 2015
Books I Read in 2014
Books I Read in 2013
Books I Read in 2012
Books I Read in 2011

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