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Moonsong (The Vampire Diaries: The Hunters #2) by L. J. Smith*

 *this book was written by an anonymous ghost-writer

SUMMARY (from Goodreads): Life is better than ever, Elena and her friends can’t wait to attend Dalcrest College. But when students start to disappear from campus, suddenly every new acquaintance is a potential enemy. Then Elena uncovers a long-hidden secret, one that shocks her to the core, she realises that darkness has followed her from Fell’s Church. But will it be Stefan or Damon who catches her when she falls?


Note: This review contains mild SPOILERS through Phantom (The Vampire Diaries series, books 1-8)

This series is just like a family. It drives me crazy, it annoys me, I see all its faults, and I still LOVE it. I could write either a mean review of Moonsong, or go all fangirlish. Or I can do both.

Firstly, let me get the mean part over with:

·       The love triangle is starting to irritate me. Why can’t they just do one of the following: either 1) Elena picks one of the brothers and sticks to her choice, or 2) dumps both of them, or 3) they all realise that she can love them both and go the Katherine way – I might slightly prefer the last option, lol.
·       Elena keeps saying Stefan is her true love. It bothers me that it is told, not shown. Therefore, I see it more as an infatuation than love. After all, it started because Elena decided on a whim (back in The Awakening) she had to have Stefan even if it killed her just because Caroline wanted him, too. 
·       Cell phones. It seems the author occasionally (when it is convenient) forgets this is supposed to be happening in the early 1990s. I don’t think college students used to have cell phones two decades ago. I have only noticed this time period discrepancy now, but it might have occurred already in The Return trilogy. I would have to reread to be sure, though.
·       Dumbness: I get it – they all want to have a normal life, without the supernatural interferences. But this is no excuse for stupidly burying their heads in the sand when there is something suspicious going on.

Nevertheless, the good side prevails. These are the things I loved

·       Matt and Bonnie getting to spread their wings each on their own and having more independent story-lines.
·       Damon. He is still the Damon we know, except that he does not hide his good side anymore while still retaining his edge.
·       Stefan showing some cracks in his goodness. We see he is quick in judgement, and he tends to overreact, but he basically stays good. Which brings me to:
·       Brotherhood. Stefan and Damon finally working on their relationship and taking care of each other. It is a though road, full of ups and downs, but it is an amazing and essential part of the story.
·       The plot kept me on my toes throughout the book. It is fast-paced, full of suspense, and it makes sense. All the pieces logically fit together within Moonsong as well as within the entire series. This does not mean it is predictable. On the contrary. The last twist is a complete shocker.
·       That said, Moonsong sets an exciting premise for the next book, Destiny Rising. And no, I’m not going to say anything more as to avoid spoiling you.
·       Finally, concerning the brotherhood and the Destiny Rising premise, Moonsong indicates the books are becoming similar to the TV show, which is great, but I wonder: do the books influence the show, or is it the other way around? I think the latter, and I don’t mind it at all.

Moonsong is a typical middle book of a trilogy, continuing where Phantom left off and laying an intriguing basis for Destiny Rising. Even though this series seems to be getting long, it still interests me. As long as there is Damon in it – and he is relatively happy while staying true to his character – I’m going to keep reading it.

RECOMMENDATION: I think those who liked The Return trilogy and Phantom will enjoy Moonsong. Also, if you are a fan of paranormal, and you have not yet read the series, what are you waiting for? Go, try it!


  1. Ah! is there no real justice in the world? I'm not ashamed to say that i HATE Elena with a passion. she's useless, a bit of an airhead, and is completely unfair to Stefan. Completely spoiled for choice. Personally,I don't think she should get to choose. i think Damon should see sense and go for Bonnie(who I adore) and we'll just see how this selfish girl takes it. It's so obvious that she has feelings for Damon,and no matter how much Stefan says this does not hurt him deeply,I can tell he feels a great pain and sadness that the one he loves also loves another (and in my opinion slightly greater than Stefan) but does this concern Elena a bit? NO. how can she look herself in the mirror, when she is hurting the one she loves? a person who has never once cheated on her but she shamelessly lies to? and I can see that her feelings for Stefan have changed completely, no matter what she insists to the contrary, she's more distant and she didn't even give him the benefit of the doubt when he attacked Caleb! Furthermore, she now has more love scenes with Damon than with Stefan, who now seems like a close friend... I think this is completely unfair to Stefan. I want both Salvatore's to get their true loves, but Stefan needs to realize he's become second best, and Damon needs to realize Elena will never step up and choose him fully. Damon needs to go to Bonnie, who obviously has feelings for him, and Stefan needs to move on. Perhaps loosing both brothers will teach Elena to have depth as a character, stop trying to make everything about her, and treat the one she will love with respect rather than like a lapdog.(Stefan really impressed me though when he finally stood up to her in Phantom :D) Thanks! love your reviews! PLEASE reply your thoughts!

    1. I can agree with both Salvatores being too good for Elena. My main problem with her is indecision and denial - she should get to know herself better. I think the books are too centered on Elena, which makes her look even more selfish than she actually is. I do give her credit for organizing things well and finding solutions. I think Stefan's character is underdeveloped - he has a great potential, but we don't learn enough about him. I could see Damon with Bonnie, but it seems they turned away from this direction after Shadow Souls.


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