Monday, December 31, 2012

2012 Overview and 2013 Goals

2012 WRAP-UP:


I challenged myself to read 50 books: I read 41. I also read 8 books which I did not count among the 50 books challenge because they were either rereads or not written and/or translated into English. And it still doesn't make 50.

Rating stats – according to my Goodreads ratings, though I rated several books with half-stars:

Did not rate: 0
* not strange: 0
** a little strange: 2
*** strange enough: 17
**** very strange: 14
***** beyond strange: 8

You can see the list of books I read and their reviews HERE

I'm not too disappointed by not making my goal, though, considering the reading slumps (I'm currently in one of those, too) and other issues, together with the fact that I could find a lot of books I really liked, I'm okay with my reading in 2012. However, I will try to improve in 2013.


I took blogging a bit easier in 2012 than before. I didn't to as many memes as before, but I did try to keep up with the book and film reviews. I had some read slumps, so there were fewer reviews due to that. I joined some tours and readathons, which were fun as always. I also discovered some new blogs I love.

2013 GOALS:


I'm challenging myself with reading 50 books, so let's see if I make it in 2013. Above all, I hope I'll find more books that I can really enjoy. Quality should come before quantity, after all.


My blogging goals are very modest, basically just keep blogging. I'll try to post twice a week, mainly reviews, and an occasional meme. I might join a tour or two, and try to make a Cat Diary post, hopefully once a month.

I've neglected the social aspect of blogging lately, which I'm sorry about, so I'll try to improve in that area and comment and connect with other bloggers more.

How was you reading and blogging in 2012 and what are your goals for 2013?


  1. I had a lot of reading slumps this year too, partly because of personal stuff and partly because a lot of the books I read were just "meh" and that doesn't really inspire someone to read, now does it?

    I hope you meet your goals in 2013! And that it's a better year for you all around.

    1. Yes, reading slumps in combination with not so good books definitely don't make towards a good number of books read. Thank you! And the same to you! :)


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