Wednesday, March 02, 2011

The Field of Swords (Emperor #3) by Conn Iggulden

Emperor : The Field of SwordsSUMMARY: The third book in Emperor series accompanies Caesar on his conquests from Hispania, through Gaul, and to the edge of the then known world – Britannia.


There is not much I can say about this book I have not already said for The Gates of Rome and The Death of Kings.

In The Field of Swords, Caesar is an already accomplished army leader whose charisma turns his enemies into his allies and makes his armies win even the most impossible victories. Caesar essentially acts with good intentions although his actions are sometimes morally questionable. Caesar has undying fidelity of his armies and undivided admiration of the masses, however, his desire for power grows.

This book, as well as the previous two, is focused on the relationship between Caesar and Brutus. Their friendship is as strong as ever, but small grudges are slowly accumulating towards what would become the inevitable end.

Iggulden portrays Caesar multi-dimensionally, yet with all the flaws in his personality I find Caesar a sympathetic figure. Besides, Iggulden’s writing is so gripping, I ran to the library to borrow the next and the last book in the series right after I’d finished The Field of Swords, despite knowing what end to expect. 

RECOMMENDATION: As the other books in the series, this is an excellent historical read, bringing the history to you in an appealing wrapping.

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