Monday, September 12, 2011

Film Review: Bad Teacher (2011)

Bad Teacher PosterDIRECTOR: Jake Kasdan; CAST: Cameron Diaz, Justin Timberlake…

SUMMARY (from IMDB): A comedy centred on a foul-mouthed, junior high teacher who, after being dumped by her sugar daddy, begins to woo a colleague – a move that pits her against a well-loved teacher.


A film which is being advertised as a comedy should make you laugh, shouldn’t it? Well, this one did not make me laugh. It is sarcastic, it is critical, but it did not make me laugh.

Cameron Diaz owns this film in the main role of Elizabeth Halsey, a teacher bent on earning enough money to pay for breast implants in order to successfully catch a rich guy who would marry and support her. The rest of the cast is not particularly noticeable in comparison to Diaz.

Although I would want someone who behaved as Elizabeth in real life brought to justice – meaning being fired and put to jail, I was rooting for Elizabeth the whole time. She is such a badass, doing all the wrong things, but there are some hints in the background of an essential goodness deep down inside her.

I think the film is basically a film of self discovery. Through fighting for the wrong things in the wrong ways, Elizabeth finds out what is really important to her and in the end learns what she is good at.

RECOMMENDATION: Do not expect to laugh your socks off watching this film. If you want to watch that kind of comedy, see some other film. But if you want to see a film about a kick-ass bad girl you will grow to love, go for Bad Teacher. 


  1. Oooo I want to see this! I always laugh at the previews, but it's probably one of those movies where they used up ALL the funny in the previews and the rest isn't so funny. I'm glad you liked it!

  2. Interesting review. I'm not sure I'll get around to watching it, but it sounds good.

  3. The movie is more than a comedy yes.
    But I did laugh at some scenes though, the gym scene with the twilight reference.
    I loved the main character too, she is bad ass.


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