Sunday, September 04, 2011

Cat Diary (9): Spying/Supervising Is Fun

This is an occasional Sunday feature where my cat, pardon, Her Majesty the Cat, offers her more or less gracious insight into our lives.

Did you miss me?

If you did, please know it is not my fault you haven’t heard from me for so long. It’s just that Pepca, who among other things performs the job of being my typist, barely has time to actually take my dictation. *Pepca is right now nodding guiltily.*

Anyway, August was hot and as summer-like as it gets and nothing much was happening, routine you know: sleeping, eating, and playing.

Naturally, I always supervise what Pepca is doing, like cleaning and cooking. I have a lot of fun observing her, too. For example, watching her typing away and talking to herself or singing very badly along music while writing. She often comments aloud about what she reads about on the internet, giggles, and makes faces, and so on, you get the picture. She is absolutely hilarious when watching TV – commenting is all right, but come on, talking to the people on screen as if they could hear her, even I know better. But then, I’m a cat, and she’s just a human.

How about you? Do you have any habits to entertain your cats/pets with?

Have lots and lots of fun with your pets (and the other way around),

P.S.: Pepca admits all of the above is true. However, to her defence, she only displays that kind of behaviour when no one is around but me (just so you know that she does not appear like a nutcase in front of other people).

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