Saturday, June 11, 2011

Breaking Dawn Part 1 Trailer (And Some Overdue Thoughts on The Saga)

I saw Breaking Dawn Part 1 trailer a few days ago and I don’t know whether I should look forward to the film or be afraid of what will come out of it. I have reread the saga recently in the expectation of the film, regaining my vision of things and I am afraid the film will disappoint me.

Breaking Dawn is my favourite book of The Twilight Saga. I love how it all comes together in the end. However, I did not like the films very much. Twilight was okay, but every following film seemed worse, mostly because of bad acting. All right, and the casting fiasco right at the beginning.

I know I read somewhere when it all started that Pattison was chosen because of the chemistry with Stewart, but it does not really show in the films. I can stomach Bella, but they could choose a much better Edward (I hope no one is offended, I do think Pattison has a good potential as an actor as can be seen in, for example, Remember Me (2010)). As far as the casting is concerned I pretty much agree with Gina at Fantasy Casting, you can read her opinion about the matter HERE.

Now, back to the Edward issue. I admit, as far as The Twilight Saga films are concerned, Pattison has three strong points which I like to call: bad Edward, mad Edward, and sad Edward. The later tops it all, I don’t think anyone could make that embittered suffering expression the way he does it. I think he can really make use of it in Breaking Dawn.

The trailer does not reveal much, so I will just have to wait and see the film. I will definitely go and see it, out of curiosity. But, I am keeping my expectations moderate. 


  1. I so agree with you on Edward... that constant suffering expression, it's a little maddening. In my mind Edward was a little more sophisticated than what Pattison has given us. The movies have been okay, I really enjoyed the books so I will keep watching the movies.

  2. Pattinson makes Edward a really wooden character. He makes it look as if Edward does nothing but broods all day long, but I know he does more. Also, while I find dear Robert nice-looking as himself, they make him look fugly as Edward. He was still cool in Twilight, but after that movie, they keep making Bella's Adonis (her words) ugly.

    I TOTALLY agree on the bad acting. It is especially evident when the young hunks in the movie appear in a scene with Michael Sheen aka Aro. Now Sheen is a great actor who has appeared in quality films, and the bad acting of the rest of the cast really shows around him. I would have chosen a comletely different Bella (one that can utter a sentence without stuttering and looking like she wants to be somewhere else), Edward and Jacob. I would pretty much re-cast everyone, apart from Aro and, I admit, Jasper.

    I hope you won't be disappointed in Breaking Dawn!

  3. @ Cristina: I had a more sophisticated Edward in mind, too.

    @ Irena: You are absolutely right - they do make Pattison look ugly as Edward in the films. And Bella should definitely be more confident and clear-headed. I agree with everything you said, so I guess hope is all we can do about not being disappointed by the film.


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