Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Pirate Queens: #9 of 10: Winnie Flapjack

Pirate Queens: #9 of 10


Winnie Flapjack

The main character, of course, of Random Magic, and a fictional pirate - at least, a girl of distinctly piratical disposition; she’s feisty,
resourceful, inventive, and a scrapper.

Orphaned at birth, with a secretly tender heart and boundless loyalty,
she’s a born fighter and doesn’t hesitate to kill to protect anything
or anyone she cares about.

She’s inclined to use her head to think her way out of tricky
situations, but if wit and cunning fail, she’s not at all averse to
using her fists.

In Random Magic, she encounters a
bloodthirsty crew of pirates and bests them with magic.

Fate - and even that cheerful companion of Death, Baron Samedi, whom
we also meet in the book, clearly mean her to die - but Winnie has
other plans.

Written by her own hand, her true fate is to survive and eventually
win her own place on the Seven Seas…

You can see a wonderful art doll design of Winne Flapjack and other pirate queens at Liana's Paper Doll Blog
as part of the Queens of the Sea series during Random Magic Tour: Pirates! in an art gallery of designs
based on the life stories of famous pirate queens.

You can find all the in-depth Pirate Queens bios (10 of them), and
find the matching design doll for each pirate queen, in the Queens of
the Sea series, listed on the tour schedule.

You can also win one of the Queens of the Sea doll designs, dated and
signed by the artist. You can play to win HERE
and good luck!

Meet more dastardly pirates in Random Magic! (More)

Shown above: Book trailer for Random Magic

Pirate quote from Random Magic:

No one was spared. Not Pitchfork Pat. Not Blackheart Mary. Not the 
parrot. (More)

Browse or buy: Print edition | Kindle

Thanks for stopping by, hope you had fun reading about this amazing
pirate queen. Here's another
interesting tour feature you might also enjoy:

The main Rum + Plunder treasure hunt is open internationally!

Here’s a fun way to win something piratey and cool:

Browse prizes or join the hunt…

(Click on the coin)


Bonus: Find even more pirate plunder with Little Pirate Prizes.
The Little Pirate Prizes are cute and cool -- but they're not marked,
so they could be ANYWHERE on the tour.

You're welcome to find some buried treasure, if you like: Follow the tour HERE.

Have fun and good luck!

You can read my review of Random Magic HERE.

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