Sunday, May 08, 2011

Cat Diary (2)

This is an occasional Sunday feature where my cat, pardon, Her Majesty the cat, offers her more or less gracious insight into our lives.

I’ve been a bit cranky this week. My maid kept disappearing more than usually, so I felt lonely. I got back at her, though, by scratching the hallway door in the middle of the night and waking her up, which really does not take a lot of effort. Suits her. 

By the way, I don’t scratch the door with my claws, paws only. I’m not an idiot to ruin my own palace, am I?

It was very windy outside some days. This meant I couldn’t enjoy my walks as much as usually. I hate wind. Things outside make strange noises because of it and scare me. Did I say I hate wind?

My maid’s trying to calm me down by laughing at me isn’t of any help. “Kitty, don’t hiss, there is enough wind already,” she says. Phew, it makes me hiss!

Well that’s it for this week.

Have lots of (wanted) company and no wind,

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