Sunday, May 22, 2011

Cat Diary (3)

This is an occasional Sunday feature where my cat, pardon, Her Majesty the Cat, offers her more or less gracious insight into our lives. 

 What a fortnight! Sorry I’d missed last weekend, but it’s been hectic around here, you wouldn't believe.

There were all kinds of workmen, painters, contractors and everyone about the place and I had to watch very carefully what they were doing around, in case they had some bad intentions. No worry. I guess spring finally kicked in with the humans too, so they decided to make the surroundings of the palace all pretty. I liked that.

I didn’t like having to wait for the workers to take a break or finish the job for the day to be able to go out. Sure, my maid, aka Pepca, thought we could go out with the workers there, anyway. I persuaded her about the opposite, of course. Doesn’t she know strangers of any kind equal visitors and I hate being around either one of them? Also, they were making all kinds of awful noise which scare me.

The weekend was rainy, so I took some extra beauty sleep and left my maid to her reading, although I suspect she had been actually watching TV instead. She uses poor light as an excuse for not reading. What do we have electricity for, too dark to hit the switch, huh? And then she reads when sun is shining and complains how she doesn’t have time to go out. 

Well, Pepca did finally took some time for outside work and planted some inedible grass (read: flowers) in the patio. Now she’s all happy and smiling about how pretty it looks. I don’t se what’s the fuss. What I can’t eat and/or play with doesn’t do anything for me.

Until next time,


  1. Too cute! That is exactly the way one of my cats would respond. The other is a little too stupid to notice and bangs her head against the window wanting to get out. (Sorry kitty you have no front claws).

  2. Lovely cat! Sasha (aka lyrika) sent me over to check out your cat post. She knows I'm a major cat lover. I have a weekly cat feature over at my blog, Cat Thursday. Stop by and check it out some time and join us, if you like. =O)


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