Sunday, April 15, 2012

Book Nook #14

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Commentary: Very minimalist. I love the colors, blue has a calming and relaxing effect, and the pillows make the chair comfortable. The thick rug would make sure your feet do not get cold. There is enough natural light, and the lamp will provide lighting at night. 

Details: Location and artist unknown, not given in the original post. 


  1. This is a bit minimal for me, but I like it. I should get better about participating in Book Nooks again ... :)

    1. It is minimal, but it looks cute if you don't have a lot of space available. I hope you do get to participate more, you usually pick great spots!

  2. I have never heard of the Book Nooks meme, but what a nice idea! Your spot is a bit empty, I usually like it a bit more comfy, soft, cushion-y, but it certainly looks very stylish!

    1. I usually like it more comfortable, too, as I like to be able to lie down when reading. I like how good this looks, though, even if it is not very practical for a long period of reading. Thanks for stopping by!


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