Saturday, October 01, 2011

Wake Unto Me by Lisa Cach

Wake Unto MeSUMMARY (from Goodreads): A haunted castle, a handsome young man dead for four hundred years, one heck of a scary portrait of a witch, and a treasure hunt – not to mention a princess for a roommate! – all await 15 year old American girl Caitlyn Monahan when she earns a scholarship to a French boarding school.

There are secrets behind the stone walls of Chateau de la Fortune, buried for centuries along with the mystery of who killed Raphael, the charming ghost who visits Caitlyn at night. But as Caitlyn unearths the history of the castle, nothing scares her as badly as the secret she learns about herself, and the reason she was chosen to come to the Fortune School.

And nothing breaks her heart as badly as falling in love with a dead guy.


The books you love the most are also the most difficult to review. I am a little at loss about how to review this book since I love it so much that I cannot find the right words if I want to avoid spoilers.

Wake Unto Me is more plot than character driven. Therefore, the strength of the characters is revealed only in the end when the full spectrum of their personalities can be seen. When all their flaws and strong points are revealed, one sees all the quality of the characters and falls in love with them.

The plot seemed a little slow at first. Caitlyn sounded somewhat na├»ve and I was impatient with her way of reasoning. But then, there is a twist at around two thirds of the book, and the story starts unravelling in a whole new direction. And then there is another twist. Things that seem bothersome suddenly start making sense, and in the end everything falls into place perfectly. 

I tremendously enjoyed this book not only for its plot and characters, but also for Cach's beautiful and at the same time easy-to-read language. What is more, Wake Unto Me made me think about several concepts and real-life issues.

Wake Unto Me is an amazing YA love story, combining the past and the present; mystery, thrill, and adventure; reality and supernatural.

RECOMMENDATION: This is a heart-warming must-read for its lovable main characters, compelling  plot, and good writing. 


  1. I have this book on my wishlist and it's great to hear it's a good read. When immortals are involved, I'm in. Lovely review!

  2. Very interesting. I had to check out your review since you put it as your #1.


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