Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Bout of Books Day 3 Challenge: Books Spine Poetry

It's Day 3 of Bout of Books readathon and Actin' Up with Books hosts Book Spine Poetry Challenge and Giveaway.

It's such a cool challenge, I had to join in. Here is my book spine poem. I added a few words and wrote everything  out under the picture. The second book from the bottom is Valley of Silence by Nora Roberts. It has a silver reflecting print and it is visible very poorly. The words that occur on spines are in italics and those few I added are in normal font.

for The Queen of the Damned, 
Dead as a Doornail:

Shadow Souls
Wake Unto Me
in The Lowlands of Heaven,

How Huge 
is the Night 
in the Valley of Silence
where I Love You to Death.

I had so much fun doing this! It is a great way to end the day. What do you think of it?


  1. It was a fun little challenge. Great job! I like it a lot :)

  2. AWESOME book spine poetry! I thought this was a very fun challenge as well and I ended up doing two. Now every time I look at my book shelf I start putting them together to make a poem.


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