Thursday, December 15, 2016

Virtual Advent Tour 2016: Favourite Holiday Songs

I'm not feeling the Christmas spirit all that much yet, perhaps for the lack of snow (which sort of became the norm lately – a proof of the climate changing if you ask me, because snow for Christmas used to be a given when I was a kid), but at least it is cold.

Another prerequisite of this time of year are winter songs and Christmas carols. Listening to those is definitely a way to get into the holiday spirit, so I decided to share some of them with you to spread the merriness.

So, you are all invited to sit back, close your eyes (or not) and relax for a little while. In no particular order:

Christmas Lullaby

Let it Snow

Winter Wonderland

O, Little Town of Bethlehem

White Christmas

That's it. I hope you've enjoyed.
What about you? What are the things that bring out your festive spirit?

This post is a part of Virtual Advent Tour, organised by Sprite at spritewrites.


  1. Beautiful music choices! I love the music of Christmas!

  2. I love the music of Christmas. I start listening early. Thanks for sharing some different arrangements of some of my favorites.

  3. One of my favorite Christmas songs is Good Wenceslas, and O Holy Night. There really are too many to count!

    1. I love O, Holy Night, too! Yes, there are so many great Christmas songs. :)


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