Friday, September 28, 2012

Bloggiesta Fall 2012: Goals and Updates

Suey from It’s All About Books and Danielle from There's a Book are hosting Bloggiesta Fall 2012 edition September 28th through the 30th.

Bloggiesta is your chance to (copied from Suey's post):

  • spiff up your blog
  • try something new on your blog, fix something, add something or delete something
  • catch up on reviews, Google Reader, email, or anything else that's out of control
  • work and party together with other bloggers
  • learn new things from blogging experts
  • join several mini challenges and win prizes
    have fun for three days blogging and connecting with your blogging friends!


    What I should do:

    • link and cross-post the majority of my hundred and something book reviews to Goodreads (a task left over from the last Bloggiesta)
    • come up with a way to more prominently display my ratings and update the reviews accordingly or at least use it in my future reviews (currently my ratings are only displayed as labels, and I've noticed through the comments I get that a lot of people seem not to notice them. My bad, so it's time to correct it. Also, after two years, I only yesterday (*head desk*) realised labels don't show in Google reader, so people who read my review there have no idea about my rating)

    Instead, I want to:

    • make a new blog header and a matching button, finally
    • change my blog theme to something more autumn-ish
    • learn how to make drop-down menus and make at least one

    Anyway, I will:

    • back up my blog
    • update review policy
    • try to participate in one twitter party (probably the Saturday one, because the time suits me most)
    • see what the challenges are about and maybe do some
    • see what is with this feedburner going away and do something about it


    I will update on Twitter (@StrangeNewWords) and below for the previous day:

    Friday, September 28:

    Things done: 0

    I didn't have much time, but I did play around with making a new header. I figured out some solutions for what I want. However, it's quite a time-consuming task, so I'll leave it for sometimes in the future.

    Saturday, September 29:

    Things done:

    I gave my blog a fall makeover and updated my review policy. I read some mini-challenges posts, but I didn't officially do any. However, I learned a lot and made a mental note of some ideas for the future.

    Heidenkind's (as well as Ivana's) post on the feedburner issue was very informative and helpful, but after some consideration I decided to wait a bit. I backed-up my e-mail subscriber's e- mail addresses and I'll keep an eye on the situation and in case feedburner shuts down completely I'll most probably switch to FeedCat.

    I also researched making drop down menus; there is a ton of advice, tutorials, etc. on the Internet, and some of it is really comprehensive and easy to follow, but as the task requires quite some time, patience and focus I'll also leave it for the future, too.

    Lastly, the twitter party was lots of fun, although I had to quit somewhere in the middle because I had some things to do around the house. I met some nice people and learned a few things, too, so it was great.

    How was your day two? Have you accomplished what you wanted and had fun? I hope so!

    Sunday, September 30:

  • Things done:

    I basically finished making new rating graphics, I only need to polish them a bit to make them look all pretty.


    I actually got quite a lot of things done. However, I still have to do the big and tedious task of linking/cross posting/updating the reviews. I think I'll just have to do a little bit each day and I can get it done in a week or two.

    Overall, I really enjoyed bloggiesta. I managed to do some work on my blog and I got some ideas for the future.

    Most of all, bloggiesta gave a huge boost to my enthusiasm for blogging which has been a little low lately.

    So, thanks to Suey and Danielle for hosting and all the mini-challenges hosts for great post, and all my fellow participants for making this such a great experience. I'm already looking forward to the next bloggiesta!


    1. I am interested in learning how to do drop down menus, too. I have no idea, so I will be searching for how-to's on that!

      Hope you have a productive weekend!
      ~Kristin @ Always With a Book

    2. I am confused about the whole feedburner thingie. I hope someone will clear that up this weekend. Good luck on your list!

    3. Yes, what I should do (linking, categorizing etc) is different to the fun stuff I want to do (lists!), just like for you. Good luck!

    4. Oh, an autumn-ish look. I love to see blog makeovers.

    5. I switched to FeedCat last week, since FeedBurner is going away. Here's my post
      Hope it helps. Good luck with your goals!

    6. Love how you have Should Do, Want To Do, and Will Do goals! Very clever! I've got a few goals left over from the last Bloggiesta, so hope to get them done this time around. Hope you have a fun, productive weekend!

      Alexia's Books and Such...

    7. Thanks for stopping by and wishing me good luck, everyone!

    8. Ah, I love the fall look. The background picture is gorgeous! Fall is my favourite season. Well done!

    9. The fall look is great :D Good luck with the rest of your list!

      My bloggiesta.

    10. I like your fall look, too! And the leaves background is really great!
      I did a blog makeover too, and now trying to create a new blog button to match it.
      Good luck with your goals&have fun!

    11. I had to add all my reviews to Goodreads too, luckily I don't have a ton right now. Good luck with your goals, hope to see you in the chat Saturday (today)!

    12. I love the "What I Should Do" portion of the list! Linking and cross-posting is mind numbing work...I'm sure you can find something more fun ;) Also like that you're updating daily! Good luck!


    13. Aww, thanks for all the compliments on the new look! :)

    14. I like the should do, want to do, will do idea, too! I love your header and thought it must be the new one. I like the autumn leaves, too, although I really don't want to accept that it's October already.

      1. Hehe, no, it's the old header, but thanks! And I agree, time passes so quickly, I can't believe this year will soon be over.


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