Wednesday, September 05, 2012

Bloggiesta Fall 2012 Edition


Suey from It’s All About Books and Danielle from There's a Book (where you can also find the sign-up linky) are hosting Bloggiesta Fall 2012 edition September 28th through the 30th.

Bloggiesta is your chance to (copied from Suey's post):

  • spiff up your blog
  • try something new on your blog, fix something, add something or delete something
  • catch up on reviews, Google Reader, email, or anything else that's out of control
  • work and party together with other bloggers
  • learn new things from blogging experts
  • join several mini challenges and win prizes
  • have fun for three days blogging and connecting with your blogging friends!

I'm so excited! I already know some things I want to do:

  • link and cross-post the majority of my hundred and something book reviews to Goodreads (a task left over from the last Bloggiesta)
  • come up with a way to more prominently display my ratings and update the reviews accordingly (currently my ratings are only displayed as labels, and I've noticed through the comments I get that a lot of people seem not to notice them. My bad, so it's time to correct it.)

These are two really big tasks, but I'm sure I'll think of some more things to do when I see the challenges and other people's posts.

If you want to work on your blog and have some fun while at it, you can sign-up here.


  1. I haven't gotten around to writing up my list yet. The idea can be overwhelming. But I got alot done last time, hoping to make some new changes this time around, too! :)


    1. I know, suddenly discovering a ton of things you could do can be scary. I hope you get to do the things you want to! :)

  2. Great that you already have two things to do. Good luck with them, I'm not sure what I want to do yet :) It will be fun!

    My Bloggiesta.


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