Wednesday, February 15, 2012

The Avenger (Time Raiders #3) by P. C. Cast

SUMMARY (from Goodreads): The Time Raiders project sends Alexandra Patton, a reluctant psychic, back to 60 AD Briton – a world where she can barely understand the accents, let alone its culture of brutality and superstition. Armed only with her "freakish" ability to talk to the dead, Alex must use all her gifts to entice Caradoc, a savagely sexy Druid warrior, into helping her succeed in her mission.

What they discover along the way is pure passion.

Now, torn between duty and the man of her dreams, should Alex return home if given the chance? Or dare she risk everything to begin anew in this strange and mystical land?


The Avenger has both good and bad sides.

What I liked:

- the way Alex’s ability to communicate with ghosts is dealt with – especially how it is accepted by an ancient/pageant society in contrast to modern civilisation. I think this is quite credible.

- Alex’s view upon the Celts and their life.

- I really liked the fact that Alex is a strong heroine – she neither whines nor brags about her ability/curse.

What I disliked:

I didn’t actually hate anything. However, the book felt somewhat rushed and there were two things I missed. Firstly, I would like to learn a little more about some of the characters, particularly Boudicca and her daughters. I would also love to see Caradoc’s view on “the future”, i.e. the present time, and I think the author missed a great opportunity for an exceptional plot element by omitting that aspect altogether.

Nevertheless, the positive things outweigh the shortcomings in The Avenger and make it a compelling read.

RECOMMENDATION: Those who love historical/time travel romance will most probably find The Avenger a fast and entertaining read which is hard to put down. Also, despite being a part of series, The Avenger is in fact, as well as the other Time Raiders books, a book which can be read as a stand-alone.


  1. Off topic but seriously how cute is the kitty with the glasses <3

    Good review, I like when they do books like this (part of a series but can be read alone), not sure this is normally what I would read but certainly you have stirred up an interest.


    1. I like books which are part of series and can still be read on their own, too.


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