Monday, November 01, 2010

I'm Back!

Finally. And of course I owe a huge apology to my followers for not posting anything for such a long time. I am very grateful you have not stopped following my blog. I am really sorry for not being able to keep up with posting, but I have good reasons.

Namely, I moved from one place to another and had to re-establish my ISP service, and it took more than a month. When I finally got access to the Internet again, my computer chrashed down and I lost all the data including some pre-prepared posts. Just my bad luck. It took ages to get a working computer again.

But the worse thing was that I had so much work to do with the formalities that I had time to neither read nor write. I really hated it all. Nevertheless, things are starting to return back to normal, so I hope I will be able to keep my blog up to date from now on.

Again, sorry for the blackout and thanks for remaining my loyal followers.

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