Tuesday, November 02, 2010

Books in Numbers

It is time for me to start paying up my debts. A while before my moving and my total blackout from blogging I promised in I Can't Believe How Many Books I Have to count my books and calculate an approximate number of books I read so far. Here it is. I counted only fiction books.

Today I owe exactly: 101 books counting only fiction.
Books given away during moving (because of lack of space for them: one third, so approximately 33
Books I used to own but gave them away in the past: also approximately 30

That makes 164 books I used to own or still own. If that is about five per cent of all the books I read then I read somewhere about 3,000 books. Ok, I will be modest and say 2,500. Not bad for two decades of reading. I believe it is an honest number since I used to devour books in large quantities when I was younger. What about you? Can you say how many books you have read?

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