Thursday, August 05, 2010

I Can’t Believe How Many Books I Have

I was doing some packing yesterday because I am moving to another flat when it hit me: is it possible I have so many books?! Four large boxes and it seems there are going to be at last two more. How did this happen?

One reason I am shocked is that I am really careful with money and I don’t spend it on a lot of books. Most of the time, I just borrow books from the library or from my friends. But, I guess the books just piled up.

I received some books as a gift from my parents for birthdays or as a reward for excellent year reports during schooling. I bought really few books, only those life-changing books I couldn’t live without. Yet, the result is just as a friend of mine prophesized a while ago: the majority of the stuff to move will be my books.

Another reason for my astonishment is my very approximate estimation that I own probably less than five percent of all the books I have ever read. I don’t have time for counting now, but I am definitely going to do so while unpacking. I wonder how many books there really is. I will do the maths and try to get a rough number of the books I read.

So, I will let you know about the outcome after all the commotion around the moving settles down. 

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