Sunday, August 01, 2010

Books and Moods

I am a person who reads a lot. I read a lot of different genres, too. But not any book is good for any mood. This is how it works for me.

If I am sad, I really must read romance. It just makes me feel better right away. This is also because when I am sad, I am also tired and my brain just cannot gather the strength to read a “difficult” text either in style or in topic. Besides, if I am sad I need some reassurance and what could be better than an almost prefect little world with a happy ending. An exception from the said is poetry. Some very deep, sad or existential poetry makes me cry and consoles me at the same time.

Next, when I am angry I like to read anything to do with history, from historical romance to non-fictional documentary texts about history. This includes reading about war, especially the Second World War. This kind of reading helps me channel my anger and frustration into the past, I guess, and helps me stop being angry at whatever upsets me in the present.

I read science-fiction and fantasy when I am full of energy or when I feel adventurous. I think it is because science fiction and fantasy actually make me travel into a whole other world and people tend to need energy for long-distance travels, don’t we?

Finally, I have to be in a really good mood and in a peaceful state of mind to read some “heavy” literature, such as classics, biographies or some profession-related literature. I believe the reason why I need to be happy and emotionally strong to read such a book is that one needs to be focused when reading such literature. Also, some content in this kind of literature can be very irritating and it is best that one is calm when reading it.

Naturally, I make exceptions occasionally. I read a war novel when I am sad or a romance when I feel adventurous, etc., but generally I read according to what is written above. So, what about you? Does your reading of a particular genre depend on your mood or not?


  1. This is a great post! My reading definitely depends on my mood, but only to an extent. When I feel adventurous, I read supernatural/fantasy novels, so I can relate to you in this respect. When I feel adventurous, happy, excited, I also like to read historical or modern romances and chick-lit. If I'm sad or angry, it doesn't matter which genre I choose to read, as long as the book in question doesn't have anything to do with the origin of my frustrations.

    Thanks for sharing!

  2. My mood definitely determines what I read, but I've never really thought about what mood I am when I read a particular type of book. I just know that I'll pick up a book and say no I'm not into that type of book today. So, I'll keep tabs and see what type of mood I am in when I read a certain genre.

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