Tuesday, December 18, 2018

Virtual Advent Tour 2018: Favourite Holiday Movies

I am again participating in Virtual Advent Tour, hosted by Sprite at Sprite Writes.

This year I decided to share some of my favourite Christmas movies, because who doesn’t like to bundle up in a warm blanket with some hot beverage of your choice and watch something sweet or funny or touching or all of the above combined?

The first Christmas movie that always comes to my mind and that I never find boring is the first Home Alone (1990) movie, mostly hilarious, but poignant at times.

Love Actually (2003) is all of what I mentioned above, funny and sweet, sometimes sad and thought provoking, and most of all simply showing the state of being human.

In While You Were Sleeping (1995), a lovely comedy about accidentally finding love and a family, the road to happiness is paved with good intentions and a few blunders.

Artistically well-made movies sometimes fail to emotionally resonate with me, but The Holiday (2006) is wonderfully heart-warming and fun story about finding love and friendship.

A tale of the Christmas truce of 1915, Joyeux Noel (2005) is a touching and poignant reminder that we are all only people no matter the artificial sides we choose to divide us.

What are your favourite holiday movies?


  1. You've got some of our favorites on this list. The only one I haven't seen is Joyeux Noel, but I'm familiar with the story from the John McCutcheon song, "Christmas in the Trenches." Thanks for participating in the Tour once again!

  2. Excellent movies, and I have not seen Joyeaux Noel either! I have added it to my list! Thank you!

  3. I do so love The Holiday! It is one of the few I watch every single year (the other is A Child's Christmas in Wales). I have trouble with Home Alone because of his family.

  4. Love Actually is on my list, and someone else mentioned The Holiday so I have it marked at Netflix to look at.

    I'd add Elf, and A Christmas Story. It's becoming a family tradition to watch a lot of Harry Potter over Christmas as well.


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