Sunday, December 22, 2013

Cat Diary Special Edition: 2013 Recap and Happy Holidays

Christmas HMtC

Since you haven’t heard from me in more than a year, and Jo, or Pepca, or whatever she likes to call herself these days –

you know, she does the same to me; she calls me Mitzi instead of Pumpkin or gives me lovely nicknames such as ‘little thing’ or ‘naughty’. *hisses*. Anyway, I digress, I beg your pardon –

well, since my mistress/servant girl is busy with holiday preparations and other things, I thought I could give you this year’s highlights.

I can say I have been very happy with this year as it has been sufficiently lazy and peaceful for me, and I have accomplished some things which make me proud:

  • after years of persistent and courageous fighting for it, I have secured my right to sleep on the living room couch. Ha!
  • I exercised my right to freedom and treated myself to a nice half-day excursion in the neighbourhood on a sunny autumn day, just to show Jo I am an independent and confident cat. Of course I came back, I’m not so stupid as to abandon the safety and luxury of my palace, duh.
  • I have started inspecting Jo’s bookshelves on regular basis, making sure they are dusted and the books are properly categorised.

Now, let me tell you about what Jo has accomplished in 2013:

  • loads of volunteering and tutoring and copy-editing a lot (which made me whiny because she wasn’t that much at home and I was lonely. But she has made up by it by cuddling and letting me do what I rightfully can, see above.)
  • reading a total of 6 books, two of which were rereads; *tut-tuts*
  • also reading a lot, and I mean A LOT, of fan-fiction, at twice as much as ‘original’ books;
  • learning a ton about photo- and video-editing;
  • writing a lot of fan-fiction (comparable to a length of a novel, now you see where her blogging and reading time has gone);
  • and she has survived all the financial and health problems and other turbulences of life. And that’s a real accomplishment.

How have you been this year? Well, we hope.

What else is left to say at the end?

Nothing much, except that both

Cat signature      
&     Jo

wish you a

Merry Christmas

and Happy Holidays!

And if you don’t celebrate anything, just have a great week!


  1. :) I'm glad that you're still around, Jo! And Her Majesty, of course. I hope 2014 is a better, brighter, happier year!!!

  2. Thank you, my little cat friend. Nothing like seeing the world from a different perspective! :-)

    Here's my Virtual Advent: The Last Year We Decorated Christmas Cookies with My Mom.


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