Monday, September 30, 2013

The Book Thief Read-Along Wrap-Up

Or, better said: failure report.

Well, not a complete failure, but I can’t really call this a wrap-up post. Still, I thought, since the Read-Along is ending today, that I should post some sort of an update.

As mentioned before [link to previous post], this is a reread for me.

So far, I have (re)read 212 pages, so I have still more than a half way to go, but at least I’ve been reading.
Due to my slow reading and computer problems I didn’t join in the discussion post and I only caught a bit of the first twitter chat.

Setting aside my lack of involvement in the Read-Along social activities, I really am enjoying rereading The Book Thief, though. I forgot how good it is, and I love the unusual style.

I am definitely going to finish it, probably in a few weeks, and then post some sort of a review/discussion post (and maybe borrow some of the questions from the Read-Along discussions.

Anyway, even though I’ve read less than half the book so far and have barely participated in other aspects of this Read-Along, I’m grateful to Suey, Kami and Kathy for hosting it, because it prompted me to reread the book, which I probably wouldn’t have otherwise.

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