Friday, July 12, 2013

Changing My Profile Name

It's a huge step, I know. But I've been thinking about it for a long, long time, and I finally decided to go through with it.

Why am I'm doing this?

When I ventured into blogging, I didn't give it much thought because I just wanted to try it out. I chose Pepca as it is my nickname, an old-fashioned version of my name, and I started a blog in my mother tongue, so I wanted something familiar without using my real name. I later carried that profile over to book blogging in English.

However, I soon became aware that might not have been the best decision.

I do not want to use my real name, for two reasons: a) it's a mouthful for non-native-speakers of Slavic languages, and b) I come from a small country where everyone knows everyone and I'd rather keep some things private from certain people. (And yes, I know if one makes some effort anything can be found online anyway, but at least I'm trying to make it less easy).

However, Pepca is a tricky name, as well, as far as pronunciation is concerned and probably also its meaning.

Next, I'm lately trying to consolidate my online presence, using as few different profile names as I can.

My main goal behind changing my blogger and related profile names (Twitter, Goodreads) to something closer to my real name is to appear more serious and professional, while English-friendly.

I've given it a lot of thought and made plenty of research on should-I and how-to, wavered whether to do it or not, weighed pros and cons of such a big step and I've finally come to a decision to go with it.

I think now is a good time for it, too, as my blog is basically hibernating, I think, hopeful those who are still sticking with despite my lack of posting me won't run away. And I am going to do some other minor things, such as update pages and clean up the sidebar a little. So that when I get back into reading and posting more frequently, I can have everything neat and ready the way I want and I'll be able to focus on the content.

Now, the not-so-big reveal (but still, drumroll, please):

as my name is a Slovene version of Josephine, I'll be, from now on,

Jo K.

I know it's a very common name, but this is good as it gives me privacy, and it fulfils my aim at simplicity.

I'll be doing the changes over the next few days.

So, you see, I made quite a mess back when I started engaging in blogging and being active online elsewhere. If any future bloggers/online participants in anything are reading this, take my advice: think well before you create any profiles, etc, google your ideas, check their availability everywhere you think you might use them. It's nothing new, but I could have used such an advice at my blogging start.


  1. I will probably still always think of you as Pepca, but your new name is perfect for all of the reasons you've listed.

    1. That's cool, I don't mind that. :D As you can see I kept it in my profile description, but as a nickname.

  2. Jo, the name of one of my favorite book characters (Jo March in Little Women). I like it! =O)

    1. Thank you! :) I loved Little Women, too, and Jo is a great character.

  3. My grandma's name was Josephine :) It's cool that your name is a version of that. So Jo it is! Although I'll be probably be thinking "Jo AKA Pepca" in my head, lol.

    1. Oh, that's cool! :) I understand, Pepca is still part of my identity, I might even mistakenly use it when commenting, etc., lol. But Jo sounds more adult and responsible, hehe. Thank you for being supportive! :)


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