Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Bout of Books 4.0 Mini-Challenge 2: Book Confessions

Nyx Book Reviews hosts today's Bout of Books mini-challenge.

I like questionnaires, so I opted for part II. Also, I just can't think of any bookish stories right now.

So, here it goes:

Physical book or eBook? Physical book. I don't even own an e-reader.

Paperback or Hardcover? Paperback – they are more easy to hold.

Reality or Make-believe? Make-believe.

Adult or Young-Adult? Adult, though YA is growing on me.

Dog ears or Bookmarks? BOOKMARKS!

Breaking the spine or Barely open the book? Breaking the spine.

Tea or Coffee? Tea.

Reading in bed or On the couch? In bed.

Series or Standalone? I feel obligated to say series, because standalones are hard to come by these days. in any case it doesn't matter as long as I enjoy the plot and characters.

Original or TV Adaptation? Original.

Defy motion sickness or Audiobooks? I don't know, I haven't listened to an audiobook yet.  

Author crushes or Who-was-that-guy-again? Who-was-that-guy-again?

Interview or Guest post? Interview. But it really depends on the topic.


  1. So I see you are reading 50 Shades...good? Bad? Meh? I have it on my Nook, but haven't started yet...

    I am getting ready to follow your blog, etc. etc.


    1. I love 50 Shades!

      Thanks for stopping by! Will follow you, too - I forgot to do that earlier.


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